Periodontal Surgery

If you suffer from advanced periodontal disease and non-surgical treatments have proven unsuccessful in halting the progress of the disease, our dentists may recommend periodontal surgery. One of the most common types of gum surgery we offer at Synergy Dental Specialists is gum grafting. During a gum graft, the periodontist grafts soft tissue into your existing gums to correct gum recession. The soft tissue for the gum graft is typically taken from your palate or another donor source. Gum recession is a common sign of gum disease; exposed tooth roots typically signal advanced periodontal disease. By covering these exposed tooth roots with a soft tissue graft, we can protect the tooth roots from decay, reduce tooth sensitivity, and improve the aesthetics of your smile. Through a soft tissue graft, we can halt tissue and bone loss and prevent tooth loss in the future. Periodontal surgery can improve both the health and appearance of your smile.

If you have noticed that your gum line is receding, or if your teeth look longer than usual, you may suffer from advanced periodontal disease. We invite you to contact our friendly dental office today to learn more about periodontal surgery and to schedule your next visit with us.